Monday, April 25, 2011

Where's the balance?

This past weekend many, including my family, celebrated the Resurrection of Christ. The Resurrection changed the world and still changes everything...that is why I am moving to Japan. It has forever changed me and continues to transform me into the woman I was made and called to be. Praise the Lord for He is Alive & Speaks to us!!!!

It was so nice to see much of my family on Sunday. We laughed, talked, and watched the joyful children running around in search of eggs. The sun was shining and just an all around good day. Then today it hit... this Easter was the last holiday I would be here in the states. Wow! The next one, July 4th, is my first day of work in Japan! Such bittersweet emotions running through at the thought of leaving my family and the excitement of walking into more of what God has for me.

With these last weeks I will be starting to learn Japanese (via the computer), getting as much work as I can, saving money in order to shop for the things I need (and some I want ;), and trying to spend time with those I love. Not sure how to do that...

Gas prices are high and the people I love are spread out. It is doable to keep it free or cheap once getting there but in a group that is often harder to accomplish. So, if it is too much for me right now to spend I need to repectfully decline yet want to stay in order to fellowship with friends.

I am trying to take as much work as I can so that takes up time, and the time I seem to be freest during the times when everyone else is at work (advantage there is time to spend time with God, work on Japanese, and exercise).

This may seem small but I am a people person and giving up time with people is a challenge. I want to wise with my finances and save enough for all the clothes and such I still need to get for my upcoming job, but how much is okay to spend in order to connect, encourage, and just have fun with friends & family?

So, as these weeks go by please pray for me to have balance in saying goodbye and preparing to go. Also, that I will have wisdom and disernment in when to say yes, when to decline, when to purchase, and when to put back on the shelf, and in all things to be done spiritually, practically, emotionally, and physically before I leave the states. Oh, also that I pick up the language easily!!

Thanks so much! May the Lord bless you and speak to you in beautiful and powerful ways!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Soaring Ahead

In the beginning of 2010 I decided to ask God to teach me how to 100% surrender. He is faithful and in answer to that prayer it has been an amazing, yet challenging journey (and ongoing). I do a word as my theme for each year and for 2011 my word is Soar!. As I explored and prayed on where and what is to be next, I came to realize that no matter where I am I want to be used by God to set people FREE. Freedom comes in many different forms and my desire is to see people experience it all. As I Soar this year reveling in my Freedom I hope you will join me.

As for where I am headed; I have accepted a job in Nagoya, Japan. The plan is to move there and teach for at least a year. This blog will mostly be to follow that journey... preparing, arriving, living, loving, and bringing freedom to that great nation. I have no idea how it is going to look.. exciting or dull, big or small, natural or supernatural... all I know is the I am trying to follow the Holy Spirit and that means anything can happen! So, all things are possible for God (Luke 1:37) and I trust He will allow me to be a freedom bringer and I leave the details in His hands.

In preparation:
-I am trying to save money. I have some things I need to buy (plane ticket included) and should have some cash with me to get started. Once I am there I will be paid so no long term fundraising needed.
-I am getting in better shape :)
-I am trying to build a community to be sent from and be held accountable to.
-Want to start learning the language.
-Striving to continue surrendering and going deeper with God.

I welcome your prayers and support. Thank you for joining me on my journey.