Saturday, February 11, 2012

It's been 7 months already?? Are you kidding me?

First off I want to apologize for taking an unintentional 4 month break from blogging. It is amazing how time just keeps moving forward whether you want it to or not! This is something I have always known though it seems so easy for many of us to forget.

So, I have unintentionally gained some weight, not gotten far on the language, and have had 3 colds in that last 2 months.... I would guess they are all related to not intentionally taking care of myself. It has finally dawned on me that I need and finally want to change that... the fact I am putting it in print means a lot, which also explains why I haven't blogged in a while (or sent many emails, etc.) Please pray for me in this... thanks.

Onto better things... here are some updates to catch you up, and the plan is to blog at least once a month form now on :)

Hara Staff Halloween 2011.
October: This was a whirlwind, busy month at work... so that is all I did; eat, sleep, work, church... Halloween week we had to wear a costume all week... fun, but tiring. To be honest, October is a bit of a blur for me.

November: This month was quite emotional for me. I was tired from Oct and really missed my family deeply for the first time in my life. I spent a lot of time with them on skype and started leaning on God more again... as a result I made it through without dying and was able to start focusing on others again!! My co-worker offered to go get some Turkey (which is really hard to find in Japan) after Thanksgiving (he saw I was a bit emotional).. so after work we had a Turkey dinner around 10 pm.. it wasn't like Mom's but it was still yummy!

Shiho & I enjoying some Mochi
December: As I began to focus more on others I realized that I didn't have many connections with Japanese people. I knew quite a few but didn't have any friendships. So, I started getting intentional on that. I prayed and asked God to connect me with some Japanese women. I decided to stay in Japan over vacation and prayed that would be a time of getting to know the women God was putting on my heart.... and He answered! I went out with all them we had a great time! Please pray that I can truly be a light in thier lives and we can build lasting friendships.  Christmas was wonderful and my friend Ayumi came with me to church... it was her first time ever!

Shiho & I showing you a bit of Osu Kannon
January: I was sick with a cold but I was not going to miss out on building these relationships... so I went out with Shiho and her husband Ken to Osu Kannon. And got my new computer!! With some wonderful ladies I went to the Nagoya Port and Aquarium for the first time!!! New Years eve I was skyping with my brother Ken at midnight and we prayed for Japan together (with the sounding gongs in the distance). New Year's day I went to my pastors house and we had a time of worship, prayer, and eating yummy food as a church family! I am not giving this info in order but that doesn't matter.. Jan. started off great.. then back to work and it was fine. Church and Life group are wonderful. And this month my friend Hlulani and I started meeting to pray and study Renovation of the Heart by Dallas Willard.

Midori, Kaori & her son, me, Yoko & her daughter at the Aquarium!

Kahori, Tomoe, & I New Year's Day 2012!
That is still continuing in Feb. Though I now know for sure that I am staying in Japan at least another year. I will not be continuing with the same company so I need to start job hunting ASAP. It turns out people apply really early for jobs in Japan, so even though I can't start working until August I need to be applying now... so strange to me. Please pray I find the right job and new home in the right time.

Thank you so much for reading and sticking with me. I am so fortunate to have great people in my life. More exciting blogs to come in the future. Until then, have a wonderful Feb. God bless you!