Thursday, June 16, 2011

Is time running out... or just moving on??

There is just two weeks before I head to Japan. My plane ticket is bought, my visa is ready, and my church prayed for and anointed me last night. Then I look around and realize that I have very little of the clothes or shoes I am suppose to have, it seems I will not have the amount (or even close to it) of cash they suggested I bring, and I am still trying to win a computer (not much luck there ;). AND I ONLY HAVE 2 MORE WEEKS to figure it out!!

It is easy to start to feel like I am running out of time.. not just because of the stuff I need, also to see all the people I want to see, & to try to get work to make some more cash to bring... though with God all things are possible. One thing I am trying to do in life is to keep moving forward (and remember that a lot can be done in two weeks). God's timing is perfect and often doesn't gel with my time line... Praise God for that!! When I try to control it all I miss out on so much... so I am working on learning how to keep moving forward in a posture of still following Jesus. It's not so easy to navigate when I have spent years playing tug o war with God over control of my life... so letting go of control and holding onto trust. That is what I am trying to do. The tricky part seems to be the moving forward, making decisions even when I don't get a direct sign from God, and trusting HE will direct or redirect when needed.

So, I am moving to Japan in two weeks. In some ways I feel ready and prepared, and in other ways I feel like a fish outta water (suits don't like my body!!!!). When I get on the plane whether I have the $1200 they suggest I bring or only $300 with me I will keep moving and trust God in it. If I don't have a laptop with me I will trust God and move forward in it. If I don't have ultra nice suits to wear, as long as I have something suitable, I will move forward and trust God in it.

So I am still moving.. these two weeks are not to be wasted! Please pray I get the random jobs that fit into the time I have, that as I scour good will and tj max, etc., I will find clothes to use, and that I win or am able to afford a laptop... and especially that I keep God in all of it!!! Thanks.