Thursday, July 26, 2012

One Year Done!

Well, I think it is safe to say that I am not to great at this blog thing. Especially as I watch my friends post several a month!!! And I am struggling to do one a month!! What's wrong with me??

That's not the right question. It is not a matter of what is wrong as much as why I am not so motivated to blog. Part of it is that I just have never been a consistent writer.. I have always been sporadic in journaling and such. Another part is that I have been trying to do most everything out of my own strength.

 A big part is that I have been a bit selfish this year and I didn't want to admit it. I did not use my time too well and ate horribly.. suffering the consequences of both those now! I guess that was more the first half (or 8 months or so) and I have been coming out of my self induced life coma for the past 4 months. There has been so much good because God is good and never quits.. though I know I missed out on so much and I don't want to miss out on anymore!!!
Yata! I did it! I year finished and it was great! My Farewell Dinner

At the restaurant with some wonderful students! And Alex, who is replacing me!
This week I finished my first job in Japan, packed everything, and started a new job. I didn't know where I was going to live until a week before I had to be out of my apartment that my company rented for me. The place I wanted to move into filled up from May when I spoke to them. They wouldn't put me on the list back then because I didn't have a new job lined up yet. So, with searching for another place and many people praying with me that God would open the door.. HE did!! I will be moving in August 1st and for now I'm staying with friends. Oh, and I can walk to work! Yeah!

Two weeks before my job finished and I needed to be out of my apartment a comment from a friend prompted me to call and ask (the apartment I wanted) one more time. I did and they told me a guy had recently called and said he might cancel and was letting them know by Friday. I was so excited and grateful!! That left me to wait a week, with only one week left to find a new place if the guy moved in after all.  I talked to my mom on Skype and asked her to pray. She told me she had been praying that someone would cancel so I could get in!! Thanks Mom! Thanks God!!
Yellow door is where I am staying, Green one above will be mine#1213

The Balcony view with Train in tow ;) 11th floor,I will be on 12

So this last week and a half has been hectic. With the saying goodbyes, packing, waiting, saying hellos, and time lines for cleaning, working, and getting my stuff picked up all moved up! I didn't sleep much and dived into my new job right away. Last day at Aeon was Friday July 20th and first day at American School was Monday July 23rd. First day was prep for the next three days of teaching 7 3&4 year olds. I also went from working PM to AM so my body is freaking out a bit. The 3 days of singing, playing, teaching, cooking, and cleaning are finished and tomorrow I prep for my regular class, decorate my classroom, and observe classes so that I can teach on Saturday and be ready to take over the 4 year olds come August. Having 7 of them was a bit challenging but my regular class is only 4 students. I had three of them this week so we have been getting to know each other.

There you have it,  some of my life lately. You didn't miss much from my lack of blogs since much of it would have said the same things. I have a great church, a lovely Life Group, good friends, tons of amazing conversations with non Christians about Jesus and I get to go see my brother in Sept.!!! Can't wait!

10th to the sky..I'm moving to 12th.. so high!
This past year wasn't bad, but it could have been amazing. Trying to depend on yourself or other things to get you living to your fullest potential won't work. Just like a light bulb only lights up when it is connected to the source so we light up best when we are connected to God, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit. So, I am started a new season with so many changes at once, and the best and most beneficial will be depending more on God, worshiping Him everyday, listening to His precious voice, and getting filled with His power each day so that I might thrive and make a positive impact around me.. and enjoy life so much more!! A new season can start anytime.. so if you need let it start now, in an hour, or tomorrow... you don't have to wait! God is always available and desires to be your strength!

Bikes!! All the way Down!
The 11th is where the colored lights are...