Friday, December 2, 2016

Facebook Reminded Me!

So today on Facebook from quite a few years ago I shared this blog and therefore it was in the memories section. I have been back in California for about 2.5 years. God had put Long Beach, CA on my heart in my final year in Japan. So, I now live in Long Beach and am part of an amazing church called The Garden (
In 2016 I went to China with the IVC Debate team! I am back to teaching college students in Communication Studies. I teach at 2 colleges part time.. praying to find that full time school withing the next few years.

This is just a short post to let you know that I am still alive and seeking to continue to surrender to the All knowing and loving God. Here will end up being some, likely random times, journey stories as I try to navigate teaching millennials, being single and dating, living on a small budget (for California), getting healthy and losing weight... or life in general. I will pray about each blog (and have pictures) in hopes when I do post it might encourage anyone who might stumble upon it. 

Out counties climate right now is a bit chaotic.. Let's be strong together by being kind and allowing those who need to express themselves do so without judgement. Father God is love and calls us to be love. Let's love one another in ways we have seem to forgotten over the years (and ways we remember too).

I have no idea how often or what things I will write about here.. though I know I will start sharing what God is teaching me again. Being thankful for different things everyday can really help you see the good among the clouds. 
I also went with my sister & nephews to build this house!
I also went to India with The Garden in Feb., had some friends from Japan visit me, went to the San Diego Zoo with a Japan friend who is from Alaska, went to Oregon to visit friends, reunited with an old friend, Celebrated my mom's 76th year, went to The Awakening with other World Racrers including my brother... lots more happened this year than I realized.. thank you 2016, how about you? Let's finish strong!!!
Happy December 2016! See you all in 2017!!